Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 320...tRyiNg tO cOnQueR fRaN...

........................"FRAN" DONE BY "THE PROS".......................

It seems that there are hurdles in CrossFit workouts that I will never make it over. Funny...if one of my clients were to say that to me...I would disagree and go off on a pep talk of sorts...but for's different. Today I wanted to do "Fran". I haven't completed Fran since I've been able to do kipping pull ups. I had always done it with a 45 lb bar and with jumping pull ups before. Once I tried to do it with the prescribed weight...65 lbs and with kipping pull was hard and took so long that I aborted that mission halfway through. I decided today that I would do it with a 45 lb bar but with kipping pull ups instead of jumping. It seemed easy enough...piece of cake...WRONG!

J came up early to do it with me. Funny how once you warm up and stand in front of the doesn't seem so easy anymore. So we started the stopwatch and off we went. The thrusters were easy...I mean compared to my past experience using 65 lbs...but it was those freaking pull ups that got me! I want to do dead hangs so bad, but I can't. I learned to kip, but the rubbing motion of the kip just KILLS my hands and it slowed me down. In the took me an embarrassing 7 minutes to complete the workout!!!...and my hands are STILL sore.

I wondered...will I ever conquer "Fran"??? But then again..I NEVER thought I do even 1 pullup...and eventhough I was I did 45!!! So, I guess, I just have to keep trying to conquer "Fran" because today..."SHE" conquered me!

21, 15, 9



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