Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 295...oVeRcAsT rUn...

I woke up at 9...ahhhh!! Wait!...I'm supposed to run...on the beach...and it gets really hot so I usually go around 6:30 A.M. I hopped up and threw on some shorts, a tank, and my running shoes. I grabbed my ipod and headed out. Luckily, it's overcast today...or at least is was. I had a good run...not the best run of my life...but a good run. It always amazes me the first day I go out to run. It's not like the beach in, dry sand...low humidity...cold water. It's just the opposite...wet sand...very humid...warm water. I like to run just close enough to the water that it's right there with me, but not close enough to get my shoes wet. I've done that and it seems cool, but it's very uncomfortable by the end of a long run. It's always a bit of a shock when I first take off running. It takes a minute or two to adjust because it is uncomfortable to breathe. I always say that it is so humid and the air is so heavy that it feels like I'm breathing liquid oxygen...but like most things in life...if I relax and "live in it" rather than fighting it...soon I hardly notice it and I adjust. Easy then? enjoyable if I let it be.
I always reward myself with a long, easy walk after I run. I take off my shoes and I walk in the toes squishing the sand...the wind blowing my hair...recovering...watching for jellyfish that have died and washed up on shore in my ears. I love watching the toddlers with chubby little legs running to the water...parents trying to capture the perfect picture...boys trying to "catch a wave" on boogie boards...teenagers throwing footballs...families riding bikes...heaven. It's the epitome of a relaxing summer vacation to me. This morning, the clouds were my friend. It was nice to have relief from the heat of the sun beating down on me during my run.

Now...the sun has come out. It was perfect timing. I'm headed back to the beach, but this time it's not to run. It's to lie in the sun and play in the waves and build sand castles with my kids.


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