Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 314..."jeReMy"...

I sister will be waiting for me to train her. I got to the gym about 5 minutes late. I put my shoes on...still not quite awake...and trained my sis. I ran with her at the end as my warm up, so that I could workout when she was done.

J was gonna leave, but he couldn't. CrossFit can be like a drug. Even when you are tired...hurting...know you shouldn't...don't have beckons you. That's probably why a lot of Crossfitters refer to it as "drinking the Kool Aid". He went out to his car...then came back in to do the CF WOD (workout of the day) with me. I was glad he did.

I stink at Overhead Squats so I looked at this as a real opportunity to practice "under pressure". When the men's RX (prescribed) weight is 95lbs...usually the women's RX is 65lbs. I can do 65 lbs, but it would take a LONG time, so while it woulda been quicker to use a 45 lb bar...I chose a happy medium of 55 lbs. The first 21 were tough, but it was the next round that was bad. After doing 21 OH Squats and THEN doing 21 Burpees with good pushups in the shoulders were feelin it. The worst was that on the last round, I kept having to re clean the weight because I would drop it which would just drain more of my energy. I was slow, but I did it. That was a good WOD. I liked it and I was glad that I had someone to do it with me!

800 M RUN

21, 15, 9

TIME (17 MIN?)


This workout was to honor a little boy named Jeremy. I didn't know him personally, but I would consider this one of CrossFit's "Heroes" WODS...very sad story. Copy and paste the link below for his story.

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