Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 309...tHeRe's fiNaLLy a nAMe...

"From my observation, the soldier is willing to serve despite his or her personal comfort or wishes, something many people are unwilling to do. They face terrible circumstances and situations, loneliness, and fear while the rest of us live our lives and go about our business.” ~J. L. FLECKENSTEIN (artist of this painting)

This whole" war thing" has been going on for a LONG time. Those of us without anyone close to us currently serving in the military don't give it much thought on a day to day basis. I know for me that I don't give much thought when I see or hear a story of another soldier that is killed...serving our country. I never think about the toll war takes on many of the men and women that survive. I think it's sad, but I've never shed a tear. I think it's unfair, but I know that someone has to do it. It's not that I don't care or think that it's okay. I think for me...I think of them as JUST soldiers...not as people...not as husbands or sons or brothers or friends. I see them all the's almost like I see one of them as all of them...a group...not individuals. They are just a face without a name to me.

I've never really thought about this until yesterday. When we were finished with our workout, we were sitting...talking...recovering. At one point, I looked over at B...talking with excitement about leaving for Marine boot camp today...and for a moment...I was a little sad. I looked at those big blue eyes and that great big smile, and I thought about how much he will hard the next 13 weeks will be for dangerous the job he chose is. It's funny, because I don't even know him that well, but I can tell that he's a good kid and I really like him.

I think from now on...I will be more aware. I have always been grateful...but I will be a little more grateful for the sacrifice that soldiers make so that I can live my life without evening thinking about the war. From now on...I will pray for the soldiers fighting for my freedom...and I will think of B the next time I see a casualty of war on the news...and I will hope he's okay. There's finally a name for me to put on the face of a soldier.


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