Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 313..."oN yOuR mArK...gEt sEt...gO!...

I LOVE to run. I'm not super fast, but I enjoy it still the same. I've been lucky to have my friend back in town for the last few weeks, and I jump at any chance I get to run with him. I enjoy the conversation as much as I do the run. It always feels so easy...natural with him. Today was no exception.

He's doing some painting for me, so we stopped to run before we went to get "supplies" at Lowe's. For the very last lap, he suggested a race. I have better long distance endurance, but he has more speed. This would be interesting. He told me to "call it". We lined up and I said, "On your mark...get set...GO!!!" and we were off. I took off fast and hard...hoping I wouldn't tire out too quick. I knew he would "get me" at the end with his fast sprint if I let him get close enough. It was hard, but I won...barely.

I loved today's run. My friend will be gone again in a week. I thought that I was "okay with it"...that I was resolved...but I felt profound sadness today when he talked about surprised me...but I pretended not to care. I'll miss him...which makes days...and today's...all the more special.



s said...

he SO let you win. like i did when we ran together at tcc. just kidding. i love u sis, s

MC said...

I KNOW he did. He'll NEVER admit it, but he did...and that's why he's one of my favorite people ever! How can you not love a guy that lets you win every now and then!!! ha! ;D