Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 299...aN aFteRnOOn rUn oN tHe bEaCh...

We got up...late...again...and my husband and I were thinking about going up to the most awesome gym ever..."Breakthrough"....not...but it was so sunny and we figured we should go to the beach early because we had a reservation to eat at our favorite "fancy" restaurant here...Stellini. That means we have to come in from the beach early and get fixed up and look "presentable". After a little thought...we gladly blew off Breakthrough for the beach. As a side note...I have to say that the name "Breakthrough" cracks me up! I'm such a nerd...I can never just say Breakthrough in a normal voice. I say Brrr-AKE-thruuu!!!! I say it all loud and crazy and explosive and then I proceed to hysterically laugh at my own LAME joke. I know..I'm crazy. moving on...

South Carolina is hot...very hot...and very humid. I usually get up early if I'm gonna run, but I haven't been so good at gettin up early this trip. I realized around 3:30 this afternoon that I wasn't going to get to do cardio...which is all I had planned to do today. I was thinking that I wished I woulda just gone to the gym and gotten it over with. hit me. I need a little intensity...and I'm tough...I can take a little pain and a lotta heat. So, why not just go down to the beach and run.'s a little crazy to go out in the dead heat of the afternoon in South Carolina to run...but as I previously stated...I AM crazy, so why not...I'll give it a try.

I headed out...people staring like I'm crazy to run in such oppressive heat with the sun radiating off the water...and I'm thinking..."not bad"..."this is pretty easy"..."why was I worried?"...etc etc etc. I kept waiting for it to be unbearable...but it wasn't. Then...I turned around and it was like a WHOLE NEW RUN...but NOT in a good way. The wind was now in my face. I'm not talking a nice breeze that gently cools you down and blows your hair back like a fan. I'm talking hard wind...wind that feels like a big bully pushing you first you think it's manageable...not so bad...then it becomes annoying...and later...painful. It hurt to run...I could feel my feet digging hard and deep into the wet sand...but I never wanted to stop because I wanted to be soon as possible...and eventhough I felt like a cartoon character running in place...I knew I was making steady progress towards my villa.

I was so glad to be done with that run. I was SO hot and I just wanted cold water and lots of fans blowing on me. The strange part is that I still considered it a good run overall...enjoyed it even. I'm not sure if I feel a sense of accomplishment or what...and I don't plan on doing that again anytime soon...but I'm glad that I took an afternoon run on the beach.


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