Friday, May 23, 2008

Days 249...250...251...wHaT a ReLieF...kiNdA...

So, this week has been like running a never ending marathon. I've been so busy studying and being in class that I have not had time to I'll get it all today.

I got to class still feeling like a loser because of the 1 min push up test. We were filling out our forms when my friend, S sees what I'm writing down and says, "You didn't score poor on the push up test!". I said, "Yeah, I did. Look it's here on the chart!". She kindly pointed out the fact that I was looking at the chart for men. Woops...blonde moment! My other friend from class, WAS funny.

After class I went to the gym and rode the recumbent bike for 45 minutes while I studied all my cards that I made from my study materials. I was feeling pretty I was starting to "get" it. Then I decided to do back extensions, because...honestly...I can't remember the last time I did's been MONTHS. Wow! That was a wake up call! I use to do 50 at a time on some workouts in my "pink book" without much trouble or pain. After 25 holding ONLY a 10 lb plate...I was in severe pain...I mean like wondering if I was injured pain. We talked about opposing muscle groups in class and our favorite teacher challenged us to practice and work whatever opposing groups we wanted. My knees are jacked I thought...back and abs or "Erector Spinae and Rectus Abdominus"...anyways...being the stubborn mule that I am...I continued with AB work back and forth 3 times. One thing is for back needs some strengthening...I decided that I will work on that. Overall, I was tired..but it was a good day.

DAY 250-THURSDAY..."I AM the devil"...

I feel like a bad influence. I love my little posse. We are such a strange bunch...but we're cute! hahaha j/k. One older guy that sits in front of S, keeps calling me and her "Thelma & Louise"...I cautioned him and reminded him of what happened to the guy following Thelma and Louise. We laughed! evil laugh... So anyway, Wednesday at about 4...I decided that my "sponge" AKA my brain was full...I was tired...and the last hour was going to be some lame review by my least favorite I picked up my stuff and decided it would do me more good to leave, workout, and study on my own. It's hard to soak up water with a sponge that is full. S followed my lead and she left with me. The M&Ms acted like they wanted to, but didn't. D said, " aren't really leavin are you?" I said, "Yep. Cya manana." So when I got to class Thursday, I jokingly asked D, "So did I miss anything exciting when I left?!?" He smiled sheepishly and said, "As soon as you were gone...I left too." Wednesday afternoon, I was craving sweets so I bought Reeses PB cups. One of the Ms was like "I'm dying for candy." earlier that morning (Wednesday), so when I bought the Reeses...I ate one cup and gave her the other...she resisted, then thoroughly enjoyed it and thanked me. The other M was watching. So now we're back to TODAY...Thursday...After I got done talking to D, M (the one that eats "clean" and brought ALL her own meals...that NEVER eats candy) turned around, smiled and said, "I ate a Reeses last night in my hotel room. It was so good!".

So at this point, I'm feeling like I'm the devil..tempting these people to do "bad" stuff. We had fun that afternoon when we were supposed to be practicing lame resistance moves. Me and D helped S with muscle groups. He asked questions and I's so fun being the "lovely assistant". It really helped S...I was glad. After class, I did not get to workout because I got caught in traffic and then went to dinner with my mom and dad. After, I tanned...showered...and studied...AGAIN. I went to bed at 11 because I figured that I have studied A LOT...I know the muscles and all the formulas and the "numbers" for blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. I just thought good sleep and a clear mind would do me more good.

DAY 251..."What a relief...kinda...

I got up...went to school...and took my test. I felt confident. I wasn't near as nervous as I thought I would be, because I put the work in. It was awful! There were maybe 2 questions that required formulas and they both used the same one. There were MAYBE 5 or 6 anatomy questions and maybe 5 physiology questions. All the rest was goofy, subjective crap that was foreign and tricky. I was so mad. When I got done, I went outside and sat on the stairs for a couple of minutes...trying to relax and come down from that crap. After a few minutes, D came out with a crazy smile and said, "That wasn't what we thought it would be...was it?!?" I immediately went in to..."I failed...yada yada yada"...he assured me that I was fine and wasn't use to taking tests. I smiled...told him that it was so nice to meet him and get to know him...he told me that he was checkin out Crossfit and that he enjoyed hangin out in class...and we left.

I cried. I just want to pass. I NEVER studied in college. I put forth NO effort. It was easy to accept failure or low grades because I knew it was a bi product of my laziness. This time...I worked hard and I feel...cheated. I'm relieved that the test is over, I gotta WAIT for the results...I'm gonna be on pins and needles.


I gotta get back on track in the worst way!!!

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