Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 252...aLiEn...

So, I went to 24 hour fitness with my husband, because I've been sorta taking the week off and we woke up late. I was just gonna do cardio, so it seemed easier to use a guest pass and go together. Once again...I was like an alien...visiting a foreign planet.

I was showing my husband how to use the rowing machine...and then...we rowed. People stared because not many people use the rower. They'd rather take it easy on the elliptical or treadmill. If you pay close attention...MOST...not all...but most people avoid the hard that's where I wanna be. Some hideous bee-yotch with a baseball cap strutted out of a room next to the rowers as soon as I got off. I was standing there waiting for my husband to come back from the water fountain. She looks me up and down and says...really rough..."You done here?!?". My reply..."It's all yours." My thought..."Quit lookin me up and down and do somethin with YOURSELF McScary!" Outwardly...a polite smile. I controlled myself and held back laughter as I watched her get on the rower...try to get her feet in there...hold the handle in the craziest upside down fashion ever...and begin to row with BENT arms. She flailed around for maybe 2 minutes and then got off and went back in the room she came from. I think it's safe to say she's never used that rower before. Why she had to be so nuts on me is a mystery. Me and other women don't mix at the gym.

After me and my husband got done doing 30 minutes on some weird elliptical type machine, I wanted to show my husband my kipping pull ups. I did about 5 or so and then hopped down to avoid ripped hands. About 3 teenage boys and several men were staring at me like I was from another planet...not a IS I wasn't offended...I'm use to it anyway. I wanted to start and end with a row so we went back over to the rowers. The Crossfit mainsite had a workout the other day that had rowing and crazy amounts of burpees. I wanted to try a tiny version out to see how hard it would be, so I did 250 meters and then stood next to the rower and did 10 burpees (with GOOD..LOW push ups in the middle and a high jump at the end). I planned on 4 rounds. It sucked. It was really hard and it was strange because guys (young and old) were flat out walking over there to gawk at me. I could tell they thought I was least that's how it seemed to me. I thought I would pass out by the end of the tiny scaled version of that workout...but I felt like I had accomplished something.

Me and my husband stretched and gathered our stuff to leave. I was glad to leave...ready to go back to the "mothership" and get away from that strange that I am definitely NOT from.

1000M ROW



250 M ROW


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