Sunday, March 22, 2009

Days 546..547...548..."rOaDtRiP bAbY!"...

Ahhhhh!  I just can't seem to stay caught up!  So...this past weekend...I took a little roadtrip with my two younger sisters.  When I got my new car...actually truck...but it's so weird to me to call it a truck..eventhough "technically" that's what it is...sorry to get off subject...when I got my new VEHICLE, my sister said, "Now we have to take it out on a roadtrip!".

We (my sisters and I) have recently reunited with one of our cousins on Facebook.  We haven't seem her for I don't least 20 we all (us and her) were so excited.  We were also excited to see our Aunt as well. 

Day 546 (Friday)...
"I am OUTTA here!"  I taught 2 classes and then me and the family met up at IHOP for brunch.  Afterwards, I had just enough time to shower and pack before my sisters were meetin at my house to head out.  I was a bit frustrated that I just did not have time to workout, but totally excited to spend an entire weekend with my sissies!  We had sooo much fun!  I may not have done any situps, but my abs got the workout of a lifetime with all the laughing that I did.  My freakin sisters are SO funny...and get a few drinks in them and heaven help me!  I was cackling ALL night long!


Day 547 (Saturday)...
Well, there was a little snafu at our hotel.  We arrived late Friday to the news that we had no room.  I nicely and calmly explained that home was 4 and a half hours away, so going home was not an option and told the girl to "figure something out".  Suddenly she came up with a room (after bursting into tears...are you freakin kidding me?!?!).  There was one little problem...we were supposed to have a room with a King size bed and a sofa sleeper...instead we got a room with no sofa..just ONE King size bed.  We were desperate, accepted, and all 3 got cozy when it was time for bed.  I woke up to my sister S giggling.  She told me that our little sis, K had just grabbed her and started snuggling and we both started laughing.  K....still asleep...said, "SHHHH!".  This made us laugh harder...which caused another sleeping "SHHH!"...louder laughter...and then K woke up.

We all went down to get breakfast and then I hit the workout room.  It was pretty pitiful.  I did a lot of cardio and a few weight exercises on the machine they had there and then headed back to hurry and shower so we could meet our aunt and cousins for an early lunch.  Again, we had a LONG, full day and night that we spent laughing almost continually once again.  It was so great to reunite with our family, and it was different than normal, but I was glad that I did do something for a workout.



DAY 548 (Sunday)...
Whoa!  We were out late Saturday night!  It was about 3:30 when I went to sleep, so 8 AM came really early. Me and K went down to grab some breakfast and then I stopped by the exercise room.  We were short on time so I promised my sisters that I would be back in 30 minutes.  I wanted to workout longer but I kept my word and ran on the treadmill and then headed back to the room.  What a great weekend!  I'm so lucky that my sisters are my very best friends!


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