Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 537..."TOMMY V" wAs pRoBaBLy NOT tHe beSt cHoiCe... a bruise on my shin. It is hard to see in the picture, but pretty obvious in person. It didn't happen in one single blow. It is the result of something I did...over and over and over again. I'll tell you how it happened.I had all sorts of stuff goin on this morning. I took my daughter to breakfast and an orthodontist appointment, and then I jumped on my elliptical for 40 minutes before taking my Mom to lunch. After lunch, I drove to the gym . I was not sure what to do. I have felt a little "blah" this week, so I pulled out my "Hopper Deck". It's a deck of cards that has a different workout on each one. I started going through them...waiting for something to "jump out at me" did.

It was one of CrossFit's "hero workouts". They are workouts dedicated to different soldiers that have died in combat or in accidents. This one was called "Tommy V". It is in honor of a man named Thomas Valentine. He was 37 and he died in an training accident in Arizona, on Feb. 13 2008. The workout only includes 2 exercises...Thrusters (squat to press) and Rope Ascents (climbs). I knew I could do the Thrusters, but climbing the rope...I knew that would be difficult to do THAT many times.

I always say that if you don't wanna do something, it probably means that you NEED to do it. I felt better doing the Thrusters than I expected. I climbed the rope 1 time..2 times...3 times...and on. I got to 6 and it hit me just how bad this was gonna be. I can get up the rope now, but it took me a long time practicing before I could. I have a very specific way I get to the top. I wrap the rope around my right leg, jump up, grab the rope, and step on the top of the rope that is across my right foot with my left foot. Then, I bring my knees up and repeat. I tried to do this with my left leg to give the right side a break, but try as I might...I could not do it. I realized that I was going to have to use my right leg for ALL 27 ascents.

It was so hard...exhausting...and my leg was getting sore. On the very last one, I felt something stinging on my right shin. I lifted my pants and saw a circle of skin that had peeled of from the friction...and it hurt. I turned my leg to look at the sore spot on the inside and noticed the beginnings of a bruise. There were also 3 or 4 blisters on random fingers. Now, I live with aches and pains and blisters and bruises all the time, but now is not the best time for that.

J and I are going to a Crossfit Olympic lifting certification on Saturday and Sunday. I was already nervous, but now that I have these issues...I'm really stressed about it. I immediately realized how important my decision making was today...information that would've been nice to have BEFORE I made my choice. I'm mad at myself for not thinking ahead, but I still can't believe that I did it. 27 rope climbs! Wow...I did it!



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c mon missy please update. i check every day! i love you. you are awesome!