Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 545..."fAiL!"...

I love the guys up at the gym.  They keep me laughing pretty much everyday.  When you have a group of people that are around each other all the time...there are always funny moments that result in ongoing jokes.  Two of the guys that come to the gym...BB & R...started a joke that anytime someone does something wrong...they yell "FAIL!".  It is not's hilarious!

Today...I had a major "FAIL!" moment!  I was up late last night...knowing I had to work at 6AM...knowing I should be asleep...still it was after 1AM when I finally closed my eyes.  The alarm went off and I snoozed it...again...and again...and again.  The next thing I know I am waking up to my cell phone ringing and my husband yells, "It's 6 o'clock!"  It was R calling asking where I was!!!!   I told him I overslept and was on my way.  He said one word..."FAIL!".   "AHHHHH!!!!! ****!!!!!  ****!!!!!  ****!!!!!", I yelled (nevermind that I had 3 sleeping kids upstairs).  I was unaware that anyone else existed in the universe other than myself and the 4 guys standing outside a dark building at that moment!

I got there after throwing clothes on and brushing my teeth.  I was lookin all kinds of crazy I'm sure!  The first word I heard was "FAIL!"  ha ha!  They teased me and told me that I had a "50 burpee penalty".  We warmed up and got started...them with their with my 50 burpees.  

Now I'm getting ready to pack to go out of town on an all girls weekend with my sisters to visit my cousins.  I think I'm just gonna do some cardio...if I have time...if not, I'll call it a "FAIL!" and move on!  Nothin's gonna get me down today!  I'm headin out with my girls and we are gonna have a blast!

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