Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 555...i gEt bY wiTh a LiL hELp fRoM mY fRieNdS...

Yesterday, I talked about doing a team workout up at the gym.  I also mentioned that the 2 teams had very different strategies.  The team that won, Team 2 had a very straightforward approach.  They split the reps up equally amongst themselves.  There's not a thing wrong with that at all.  My team, Team 1, did things a little differently.

My team consisted of me, Big E, and 2 new girls.  We split it up, but rather than stopping after a certain number of reps..E and I (knowing we were the strongest on the team) did extra wherever we could.  The funny part is that we didn't discuss it...the two of us just did it.  We didn't do it to gain an advantage.  My reasoning was very different.  I was thinking about helping my "weaker" teammates...about true teamwork...not thinking about myself or how bad it hurt...but about helping someone else succeed.  

My team finished about a minute after the other team, but I'm proud of what we did anyway.  I think that if more people were willing to "take one for the team"...the world would be a better place.


*I have to clarify that when I say "weaker teammates", I don't mean to imply that these 2 people are weak.  I mean they are brand new and haven't been doing this as long as E and I have.  There's NOTHING weak about either of those ladies!!!

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