Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 533.."i dOn'T wAnnA dO iT aLone"...bUt i wiLL...

One of the things that draws people to Crossfit..and keeps them there is the sense of community...or in our circumstance it's almost more like family because we are such a small group. As I have mentioned before, we all go a little faster...a little longer...and a little harder when we are working out together. There's something about "suffering" as a group that makes it so.

Lately, I have felt really alone. I don't workout with J anymore. Unless I crash a class, I'm on my own...and that can be really hard. It makes me a little sad sometimes. Many times I just don't wanna do it alone...but I have decided that I have to. I need to just keep plugging away at each workout and do the best I can. I don't wanna do it alone, but I will.


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