Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 556...nOt tHe bEsT cHoiCe...

I've been sick since Saturday.  I knew I should rest my body...but being the ever stubborn person that I am...I went to the gym anyway.  The workout was 10 Pullups and 10 Ring Dips for 10 rounds.  I'm not as strong as the guys in the gym when it comes to Pullups, but I decided to go ahead and give it my best shot...sick or not.

I have to do "kipping pullups" because I can't do 100 "dead hang" pullups.  The problem is that when you hang and swing on that bar over and over and over is hard on even the toughest hands.  It's pretty much a guarantee that if I do upwards of 50 pullups...I'll have either painful raised calluses (if I'm lucky) or blisters or tears of some sort.  Today was no exception.  On round 7, my hands were really hurting.  At the end of round 9, I knew something bad was about to happen.  My hands were looking really bad.  I thought about stopping, but I didn't want to quit with only 10 left.  I mean I figured, "What's 10 more when you've already done 90?"  

I'll tell you "what it is"...It's 2 BIG, PAINFUL blood on each hand.  I was probably 2 pullups away from tearing them completely open.  There was so much pressure that everytime I would close my hands, the blisters would throb.  In addition to the pain in my hands...the strain of working that hard did not do my cold any good.  I was wiped out.  It probably was not the best choice to do what I did today, but I proved to myself...once again...that I can keep going when it hurts.  Anyone who knows the "old me"...from 5+ years ago...knows that THAT is big.

500 M ROW


10 RING DIPS (band assisted w/ little purple band)
10 ROUNDS FOR TIME (20:17)

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