Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 529...i'M dOiN iT aLL...

These are NOT pretty pics of me today, but they captured moments...The one above is on my way up to a 260 lb 1 RM Deadlift.  The one below looks a little scary, but I guess it captures the "intensity" I was feeling.

I've talked about Navy SEAL Crossfit workouts before.  I love to do them because they are like regular CF only on steroids. They are longer...heavier...more endurance based....just what I like...a workout where your a** gets handed to you and you finish KNOWING you've given ALL you got!

Today I went in to the gym ready to do this workout below that I saw on the SEALS site yesterday. I normally just do the main workout. I don't usually do the first or last "phase" of what is posted. I decided to do it all matter how long it took...and I took it on all alone today. It was horrible in a great kind of way. I was really "feelin it" today. I PRed my Deadlift by 15 lbs! That was really exciting and I was determined even though I had a small set back. My hand tore open during pullups...I stopped...cut the skin off and continued (I know...soooo gross). It was a little like when my friend use to tell me to just "spit on it and rub a little dirt on it" when I would hurt somethin at the gym. No tears or whining...I was tough...and I STIll had 35 pull ups to do after that happened. I did them ALL.

I felt so accomplished when I nearly crawled out of the gym today. It hurt, but I STILL love those SEALS workouts...when I'm done...

RUN 800 M

Phase I: Preparation
Active Stretch. 
Dead Lift work UP to 1 Rep Max
135-175-225-250-260 (This was a PR by 15 lbs!  My goal for this year was to Deadlift double my body weight or 270lbs...I'm SO close!)

Phase II: Intensity
This is the RXed weight for Men, but I just used the same weight because it was heavy...but still light enough for me to do...

For time: (32:27)
2,000 meter row
25 thrusters 65lb
25 pull-ups
1,000 meter row
50 thrusters 45lb
50 pull-ups

Phase III: Core / Cool down
 I was SO tired at this point that I considered quitting after doing the 100 situps...I'm happy to report that I hung in there and did all 300 reps!  Yay!  Perseverance!

100 situps, 100 crunches, 100 reverse crunches

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Shorty said...

Kudos to you, girl! Way to hang in there and meet your goals. (As you normally do, which is terrific!)