Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 428..LiMiTs...

J texted me today to tell me to check out this website: . I did and I was amazed. Then I went to Youtube and found this video that I have posted. I guess what most impresses me, is not that this man can come in first place or train the kinds of hours that he does everyday. The fact is..NOT EVERYONE can accomplish what he can. He is talented...super human some might say. What speaks to me is the fact that he is always pushing the "limits" of his body. It is never enough. He has a grueling daily regimen (see below) and for him...there is never truly a finish line.I've said before that I believe that most of our limits...are SELF-IMPOSED. I have also come to believe that many times we mistake fear for pain. When we are tired...or it becomes uncomfortable...or we feel out of scares us...and we say, "It hurts," and we stop. I am NO WHERE NEAR being a super athlete. I have my fair share of struggles in the gym and when I'm out on the road running...but a couple of years ago...when I started working with W...I learned to stop being so afraid. When he pushed me past my "limits" and I accomplished things I wasn't sure I could do, I stopped being so afraid. Sometimes when I am running down the lungs burning...or my hips hurting...I want to stop...and when I want to stop...I RUN FASTER! I really do, and 9 times out of ten...I feel better within minutes. I will never run an ultra marathon or accomplish the things that David Goggins has, but I can work everyday to find my limits and then push past them.


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