Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 419...rEsTiNg aNd pRePaRiNg...

Okay...I am running the Mud Run tomorrow and so I did not workout today. I am resting. In preparation over the past few days...I've tried to read everything I could about the race because after all...I AM a planner...don't like siree, bob! I looked at the pictures from past runs and I thought this lady above had such a sweet, happy face. I also wished that when I used this pic on my blog, I could put that little black box over her eyes like they do in Glamour magazine when they show the fashion "Dos and Don'ts".

WHAT I'M ABOUT TO WRITE IS IN NO WAY MEANT TO BE MEAN SPIRITED...buuuut...when I saw this pic on the MudRun website. I knew I had to prepare for this race tomorrow. It is gonna be cold and wet and I'm not wanting to go around pointing at people if you know what I mean! I'm using some "tricks of the trade" and a good bra with padding...and hoping nothing flies out of my bra during the race. Wish me luck! ;)


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