Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 426...uMMM...oW!...

Okay...ummmm..."OW!". I am unbelievably sore. I'm remembering the good old days when I worked out with W and literally LIVED in pain...almost everyday. That leg/ab workout I did yesterday...that was HIS workout...the only difference is that I put GHD sit ups in place of decline sit ups...and I added 25 lbs to the OH Squats and 15 lbs to the Front Squats. Now adding that much weight DOES make a big difference, but I'm MORE SORE than I can remember being in a VERY LONG TIME. I tried to workout, but getting up and down off the toilet...or going down to pick something up off the floor...or rotating my SO painful. Sooo...I'm taking the day off...dammit!...but I won't ramble on and complain because it could always be worse...just ask the guy in this picture...I bet he took more than 1 day off!

I'll hit it hard tomorrow no matter what!


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