Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 424..." i haTe yOu...i LoVe yOu"...

Today I did 40 minutes on my elliptical in soft flip flops! I know..weird, but my heel was too tender for tennis I...improvised. Then, I did 50 air squats and ran out of time. It wasn't enough, but I figured it was better than nothin and I was feeling pretty happy...or maybe I was just loopy because I covered J's 6 AM class which meant I got up at 4:30 AM so I could feel "awake". I was busy all day and went straight to the gym from the nail salon to get ready to train my 2 ladies at 4 PM. I had a tough workout planned...but I KNEW they could do it...and I felt like they needed a tough workout.

They were not excited about it because it included running...and NEITHER likes to run! They got started and fought through and finished strong but they were wiped out it should be if you're workin hard. Lots of Crossfit workouts have names. So one said, "Does that workout have a name?". The other said "I hate burpees part 2"? (I have another one called "I hate burpees" and this workout just so happened to have burpees in it as well.) We giggled and I said something completely weird and UNfunny like "I hate burpees part deux!" Then, something a little unexpected happened. The other lady said, "Maybe it should be called 'I HATE MC'!" I laughed...we all laughed and then she said, "You KNOW I love you!...just not during workouts some days!" I said, "I understand." but I was surprised...I KNOW she doesn't hate me and I KNOW she WAS joking...I guess it was a tough joke to take..."I hate you. I love you.". I laughed and smiled...but didn't feel so funny. I'm okay though. I take it like I take a child saying something that I know they don't mean...I don't like it...but I separate the words from the person that I love.40 MIN ELLIPTICAL

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