Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 413...sTiLL...sOmEbODy STOP mE!...

OMG! I just finished working out...AGAIN. My husband wanted to workout and so I said I would go with him and just work with him up at the gym on some stuff. Then we got there and I couldn't resist. I wanted him to be able to do stuff he never gets to do, so after a thorough warmup...we rolled out the tires...drug the sledgehammer and rowing machines outside...and gathered up some D-balls to slam. I went through the movements with him and I started the stopwatch.

P: "A STOPWATCH?!? Is this for TIME?"

ME: "OF COURSE! EVERYTHING is for time with me!"

P: "This'll take me an hour to finish!"

ME: "Well had better get started flipping that tire!"

I did a tire drag/pull, while he flipped the big tire. It was hot and hard, but it was really fun. Well, I should say fun in MY way. I tend to find things fun, that others find to be miserable...painful...horrible. As my workout hero Mark Twight says, "IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE FUN TO BE FUN." Gosh, I love that man! Today has been great, but now I need to drag my "a" into the shower so I can go eat dinner with my sis, S and go see the chick flick "Nights in Rodanthe". It doesn't get much better than this!

100 LB TIRE DRAG/PULL-across pkg lot and back (P DID 185 LB TIRE FLIP DOWN & BACK)
500 M ROW
3 ROUNDS FOR TIME (ME=32: 12 / P=34:26)

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