Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 373...i rEaLLy LiKe mY wOrKoUt "bUddiEs"...

I covered the 6AM class this morning. There were only 2 people there...KH and JJ...the regulars...the ones I can always count on to be there. We went through their workout...J came by after getting off of work at the fire station...and we all talked a bit before we all left to go our separate ways. I came back a couple of hours later to train L. We did heavy back squats...something we have never done. She did so well and was much stronger than I expected. I don't know why I was surprised...she IS strong. I was really proud of her progress. Then this afternoon, I went back again to train another client JE (I have too many J's in my life!) She also did well. I love showing people that they can do much more than they thought they could do. When she left, it was my turn to workout. K's hubby, B was there talking to J...and soon D and S came in for their 5:30 PM class. I was bein a serious slow poke, but I didn't was SO nice to have some company while I was working out. When I was done, KH (D's wife) came in with her SUPER CUTE baby girl, A. We chatted for a bit and then I left to pick up some dinner.

As I drove away, I was thinking how much I like all my "buddies" up at the gym. It's great to have people that "get" why I do what I do in the gym. It's a comfort to know that they WANT me to do go become stronger. It's interesting that we are all so different in some ways but alike in other ways. We are all different ages...some of us have kids...some do not...but CrossFit has given us something in common. It gives us a common goal. It gives us a reason to cheer each other on. It keeps us all on common ground and makes us friends. That REALLY IS "priceless"!

45 MIN FAST WALK (4.5 miles) I decided to walk to do something different. I walked as fast as I could without running, which was harder than I expected.

800 M RUN (warm up)

7 ROUNDS (I quit timing because I was SO slow)

25 SITUPS (1st 2 rounds on ABMAT...last 2 on GHD)

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