Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 366..."JACKIE" iS NOT mY hOmEgiRL!...

THIS...is what I did today! I was delusional in my thinking prior to my workout. I thought it would NOT be "too bad". What the BLEEP was I thinking?!?!

So REWIND to this morning...I woke up feeling pretty rested. I slept until 7...late for a Mom of 3 on a school day! I got the kids off to school, came home, and plopped in front of my computer to blog and to read blogs. I did not want to go into the gym this morning...I had a couple of reasons...so I decided to workout later on this afternoon. After lunch and shopping with my Mom...I went home intending to go to the gym around 5.

In my life...plans often get changed. My oldest daughter, S came home and wanted some help with HER blog and...well...I got all caught up and the time got away from me. I ended up going up to the gym after I dropped my middle daughter off at soccer practice. I had limited time before I had to be back to get her. I knew what I wanted to do. I had decided earlier that I would do the Crossfit workout known as "JACKIE". I rushed in...ran 800M...did a few dynamic stretches and got ready to start the stop watch...confident that I could take this bee-yotch (Jackie) down!...fast and hard!

She (Jackie) took ME down instead. I was hoping for a 10 or 11 minute time. NOT TODAY! I was out of breath after the row, so the thrusters were a challenge from the start. Pull ups and I are just not friends. I thought my hands were gonna rip, but I lucked out and they didn't...they just burned and hurt. I got done...13:15...FREAK!...I was hoping for MUCH faster.

I had planned on running for 20 or 30 minutes after my workout, but I was a little nauseous...so I gathered my stuff and decided to drive towards the trail and see how I felt once I got there. Every minute that passed was worse. I was feeling sick..my head was pounding...I was VISIBLY shaking. I decided that I needed food more than a run. I went to Subway for a tuna sandwich. The lady inside looked worriedly at me. "Are you okay honey?" "Oh, I'm just fine! (fake smile...hands shaking)"

I scarfed down that sandwich as I drove down the street. I just started CRAMMING it in my mouth. I looked over at a stoplight and saw 2 guys watching me. They were smiling...liked they liked it...EWWWW! After eating, I felt a LITTLE better. Okay...so I'll run later...never happened. That workout ZAPPED me! So, I've decided that I don't like "Jackie" so much. "Jackie" is SO NOT my homegirl.

RUN 800M

1000 M ROW

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Shorty said...

Way to go on the workout, M! I know you feel like you got your butt kicked, but you still rocked it!

Love your blog!

Have a great day!