Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 367...i sUcK?!? weLL tHeN...kiSS mY ***...

So, I have been out of whack with my posting...I just feel like I got behind on my "life" Monday and like a hairdresser running late...I just can't catch up. Anywho...I'm just treading water...but I can't complain because I'm not drowning...yet. Better late than never...that's always been my mantra!

Frankly...I'm so tired that I can't even remember yesterday very clearly. It felt a bit like a blur until I got to the part where I was told I suck...that part is pretty vivid. I got up at 6AM...made sure my kids were getting up to alarms and getting ready for school...then I hopped on my elliptical so I could get my cardio over with. I have to rewind and say that I was so tired on Tuesday that I slept in my grody workout clothes, so when I rolled out of bed...BAM! I was ready to go! Gross and not at all like me, but convenient never the less. I got done and took kids to school. Afterwards...I headed to the gym to train...myself...then my client.

I was doing heavy (for me) bench presses...well 5 sets of my 5 rep max. I used 90 lbs and it was a struggle. I was worried that L would come in and find me patiently waiting pinned under the bar because those last 2 reps were crazy hard for me. One loud yell and I managed to get the bar up. I swear I'm the Monica Seles of CrossFit always yelling and grunting like I do! After my client's session, she hung around for a while...I wanted to go...but she is so sweet so I decided to just stay and chill until she was ready to go. Next I got ready, went to lunch with my sis K, and then I stopped to pick up a prescription and go BACK to the gym to train again. After my afternoon session, I chatted with a new guy that came in, R and then with J once he left. J asked me to teach R the first part of the "Foundations" class. I was excited...not scared...weird for me. It made me feel good that J trusts me enough to let me start "molding" a new person. After I went to the grocery store, and back home to take my oldest daughter to an activity at church.In the midst of my blur of a day...a woman from church called to ask a question. She called while I was training L, so I did not hear the phone and it was hours later when I noticed I had missed a call. I just never had the time to call back...I knew I would see her at the activity anyway and figured if it was an emergency, she'd call again. I saw her...smiled...and said, "Hi (blank)! Sorry I never had a free moment to get back to you..." and before I could finish, she shouted...LOUDLY..."YOU SUCK AT RETURNING PHONE CALLS!". I was taken a back...waiting for a laugh...some sign that she wasn't really serious...I mean this person is late 40s!...she should know better than to act that way! There was no "J/K"...she just turned her back and began talking to another person. It made me feel like crap. I hope she never needs anything again, because I will live up to the judgement she bestowed upon me and I will make sure I SUCK at returning her calls! SHE CAN KISS MY FAT, TAN BOOTY!!!

45 X 15
55 X 10
65 X 10
75 X 5
80 X 5
85 X 5
90 X 5-5-5-5-5

13 + 14 = 27



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Shorty said...

OMG. I hate it when people act like that! Another big peeve of mine is when supposed friends call each other "bi**hes". I just find that to be very disrespectful. I don't blame you one bit for feeling the way you do about that rude woman. As Karma will have it she'll need you in the future. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you get to put her in her place!
Stay tough Chica!