Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 370..."foLLoW tHe yeLLoW bRiCk rOaD" bUt wAtCh oUt fOr sQuiRReLs aNd sKuNkS aNd sNakEs! oH wHy!?!...

I feel like I'm in a demented version of "The Wizard of Oz" today! I know what I want, but can't seem to figure out how to get it. If only I could visit the Wizard...oh yeah...he was no help...they had to figure it out themselves!!! Anyways, I just didn't want to lift weights today...I feel unmotivated...but I HAD to do something or I knew that I'd regret it... I haven't taken a good hard run down Highway 360 in a while, so I grabbed my ipod, strapped on my "ruby slippers" AKA running shoes, and decided to hit the "yellow brick road" or dirty asphalt in my case. I don't need a brain or a heart or courage...well maybe I do!...but I hoped to find a little clarity at the end of my "journey".

I struggled from the first few steps. I certainly WASN'T skipping and singing as I went along...but I figured that if this is feeling hard for me...I must really NEED to do it. So, remember the whole "Lions! and Tigers! and Bears! Oh my!" part? Well, for ME it was, "Squirrels! and Skunks! and Snakes! Oh WHY?!?!". First, I passed a dead squirrel...nothing too gross...he wasn't smooshed...he was just laying there...DEAD...with his eyes closed. Next, I passed a dead skunk...the only recognizable part was his tail waving as 18 wheelers passed by...EWWWW! As I continued on and crossed the HWY to go back south towards home, I was fighting a big...LONG...hill. Needless to say, I wasn't as sharp as I normally am (Wow! That's bad!) I suddenly felt like I had stepped on something. I looked down. I did. It was..A SNAKE! Thank was dead too..still a little freaky and A LOT gross! I just kept trying to chug along..."There's no place like home..."There's no place like home...There's no place like home!" I thought I was done with road kill...and I was...but then I had to run through grasshoppers. I HATE bugs!...especially ones that fly...and land on me! I wanted to freak...but I knew I had to run and not think about I did.
I mean CMON! WHERE THE FREAK IS "GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH" WHEN YOU NEED HER?!? When I finally got home, I felt like I had truly been through a tornado. I looked like it too!!! My hair was wind blown...and NOT in a sexy Beyonce kinda face was red...and I was covered in sweat! I plopped down on the kitchen floor. Ahhh! The cold tile felt SO good. The cat tried to lick me...I'm ashamed to say I kicked her out of the the most loving way of course. Ha! Now, I've recovered...and I'm back home...and I have to say..after a run like that...THERE REALLY IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


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