Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 359...iNsaNiTy aNd "fiGhT gOnE bAd"...

Insanity can be many things. A song I love by The Hives says, "They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result...". Dictionary.com uses many synonyms and words to describe or define "insanity". A few are..."madness"... "very foolish; absurd"... "utterly senseless"... "harebrained"... "distracted"... "impractical"... "the act of wandering; deviation"... "delusion". I think that today...I can EASILY be described as INSANE.I do the same thing over and over and over again...and it's not because I'm stupid...it's because I try so hard to be there for everyone. I feel foolish...senseless...absurd...distracted...INSANE.In the midst of my INSANITY, I did a CrossFit workout called "Fight Gone Bad". It is a workout created by Greg Glassman, the founder and "Grand Poobah" of CrossFit. He created it for BJ Penn, the MMA fighter. It was created to match the time domain of a MMA fight, while EXCEEDING the metabolic demands. There's a great video and explanation on the CF main site, or you can check it out by cutting and pasting this link.


"Fight Gone Bad" can be done with 3 or 5 rounds. Today I did 3. There are five exercises. You rotate from one to the next every minute. During that minute, you try to do as many reps as possible as they are written down and eventually added up to make up your "score". At the end of each round (after all 5 exercises are completed), there is EXACTLY one minute to rest and then you begin the next round. Let me tell ya...there's no resting in that minute. I was gasping for air and anticipating the next round. It's one of those workouts where it seems you CANNOT catch your breath. ROUND 2 is the worst! I had my GYMBOSS timer clipped to my waist and it worked perfectly. It was intense having that timer beeping every minute. I did it...but it was really hard. I had "butterflys" in my belly all morning anticipating it and I was laid out for at least 2 minutes on the floor when all was said and done. It's a horrible workout while you are "in it", but one of my favorites when I'm finished.

I may go back up to the gym in a while and do some more work...we'll see. I've got to work through my feelings somehow...and that seems like the healthiest option.

500 M ROW

WALL BALL (16 LB MED BALL-screwed up...RX is 14lbs...BIG difference)
1=19 2 =16 3=19
1=20 2=15 3=17
1=17 2=16 3=17
1=13 2=15 3=13
1=15 2=14 3=15


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