Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 365...oNe BRUTAL wOrKoUt aNd ONE WHOLE YEAR oF bLoGGiNg!!!...

I can't believe it! 365 days!!! I have been writing about my ups and downs and in betweens for a whole year! When I began this process...through the encouragement of my friend W...I never thought it could become such an important part of my life. When I miss a day of "blogging"...I feel like I have forgotten an important task. Even though hardly anyone reads, I feel as though I NEED to this is my "baby" and I don't want to neglect it. When W MADE me post my first words...he said he wouldn't go to bed until I did...ha! yeah, right! ;) was an amazing feeling of of many gifts from a dear friend.

Sometimes when I look back on my "musings" over the past year...I worry that one day I'll come home to the "men in the white coats"...ready to take me to a padded room. I wonder if I'm the craziest...most dramatic (shut up A!) girl EVER! I wonder if people will think I am an unhappy person. I don't know what people think...but I do know this...I LOVE BLOGGING and I LOVE WORKING OUT (even when it hurts) and I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. I'm so lucky to have people that love me in spite of my crazy ways and my ups and downs!

So back to the purpose of this particular blog...chronically my "workout journey". Today I was covering the 6AM and 5:30 PM classes and training my 2 ladies. I was a little nervous, because J asked me to teach the Dumb Bell Snatch. I worry that my words will be jumbled...or I'll screw up...or that I'll be random and confusing when I teach complicated, compound movements. I am NOT known for my grace or agility after all! Things went pretty well. Everyone can use improvement (MYSELF INCLUDED) but they ALL got the basic idea and movement down. Then they completed a workout using the movement (DB Snatch).After the 6AM class and my morning client, I decided that I did not feel like weight lifting so I figured I would give this WOD (workout of the day) a try...using the MEN'S RXed I go trying to be Billy Bad A** again! I'm not sure why...but this WOD was brutal! I was so glad to be finished and I have been exhausted ever since. I tried to run when I got home and I made it ONLY one mile. My legs just couldn't carry me any further! In fact I was worried that I would not be able to demonstrate the movement for the evening class because my shoulders and knees were killin me. Luckily, I made it through.

I love working with the people at the gym. I am teaching them, but I learn so much from them as well. D (in the 5:30 class) was so funny. He kept saying "the word for the day is RETARDED...with a picture of me underneath it!" when he would struggle with the snatch. At one point, he said there was no way he could finish...but he kept going...and he DID.His persistence reminded me that this is what this is about. Working out is hard...but when I keep pushing through...I realize that I have a choice. I can look at the tasks I have in the gym as obstacles. I can complain and muddle through and move on...or I can see them as opportunities to stretch learn things about myself...........CHEERS TO ANOTHER 365 DAYS OF "PAIN"!!!..........




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Shorty said...

Congratulations to you on a full year of blogging! I'm definitely inspired to follow your lead. Keep up the great workouts and pushing your strength and fitness to a higher level. I plan to keep learning a TON from you! :)
Have a great day,