Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 359...rOuNd 2...sUpeR siCk...

I went back to the gym around 5 PM. I was feeling out of sorts so I hoped that another good, hard, but quick workout would "straighten me out". I decided to do "Cindy". The last time I did "Cindy", I only got 9 rounds in because I had JUST learned to do kipping pull ups and my hand ripped open and was bleeding. Now, my hands are tough and I was anxious to see what I could do. The worst part was push ups (as always). The pull ups were hurting my hands by about round 8, but other than that I felt strong...they were pretty easy. Squats...I love em...so they are rest time for me. I didn't have a number in mind...I just wanted to get more than 9. I did it! I got 13! When I was done, I was feelin tired and a little nauseous...but that's not so unusual when doing CrossFit workouts...so I packed up to go home and cook dinner. The ten minute drive home was miserable. Every minute that passed...I felt worse. The veins were sticking out on my forehead...like gross crazy scary weird sticking out. I had extreme pain and pressure behind my eyes, and I was sure I would throw up before I got home a few times. I was sick for a good hour after I got home. I was really worried the first 20 minutes. I have never felt THAT weird. Eventually, I started to feel better. I learned that "Fight Gone Bad" and "Cindy" are TOO MUCH for one day! At the same time, I was proud that not only I was able to survive 2 incredibly tough workouts...but I was able to do pretty well...for me.


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