Sunday, June 1, 2008

Days 259...260...mAgNeTic...

So...I got busy yesterday and I never got around to "blogging". As I've done before...I'll just lump two days into one post.

DAY 259...SATURDAY..."mAgNeTic"...
So, I went to the gym with two of my kids, because my husband took my oldest child to a swim meet. I only had about an hour and 10 I had to hurry. I warmed up and got started...before long...I got my first interruption.

Now I have to preface this story by saying that people usually DON'T talk to me at the gym. They probably think I'm psycho...and I AM a bit psycho when I'm focused and working hard. I grimace and I grunt and I try not to make eye contact because I'm usually timing myself and I don't want to waste time talking. Every now and again, I get the brave soul that speaks...but this day was like NO OTHER!

I was on my first of three rounds of Leg Extensions followed by Romanian Deadlifts. I was just finishing the "RDL"s when the first man approached me. He asked me if I train with J...why are you here instead of his gym?...etc. Then he moves on to the question that cracks me up..."What are you training for?" I say " mental health..." The hilarious part is that my back was to the mirror and he kept staring at my butt in the mirror while he was talking to me. HELLO!!! DO YOU NOT THINK I CAN SEE YOU?!? After lots of questions...come the compliments. I get SO embarrassed when men compliment me. He starts saying things like..."You SHOULD train for a competion. You are amazing! I mean look amazing!". He was saying it loud enough for EVERYONE in the room to hear. I was mentally digging a hole to climb in and hide. When he was done, I finished the first part of my workout and moved on to the second part. About 3/4 of the way through...another man stops me...motions for me to take down my headphones...and begins telling me how "cool" my tanktop is. Hmmmm wonder what he was lookin at... I was polite and after a couple of minutes of tank top talk and compliments about how hard I work...he walked away. Phew! Finally I got done.

I had exactly 35 minutes for cardio before the daycare closed. I got on the treadmill and began walking fast at the highest incline. Suddenly, I felt eyes burning a hole through me. NOT AGAIN! You gotta be kiddin me! It was a young guy asking me what kind of phone I have. I responded..."a Sidekick 3". He replied, "You don't have a Blackberry?!?" I wanted to be a smart alec and say, "OOPS! You caught me! I always lie about what kind of phone I have! Really I have a Blackberry!" I controlled myself and politely repeated that I have a Sidekick 3. He continues telling me that he found a Blackberry...he thought it might be mine...I look like someone that would have a Blackberry...yada yada yada. It didn't end there. He starts asking me why I never carry my phone and telling me how impressed he is with me. AGAIN...I'm dying! He left and I finished up, stretched and got my kids. As I left I thought to myself, "Wow! I've got some kinda magnetism goin on today!" My thought were interrupted by the sound of a horn honking. I looked over to see "Water Fountain Guy" waving and honking. Whoa...the stars were definitely in some kind of alignment... It was an interesting day at the gym.


21, 15, 9
21, 15, 9



DAY 260...SUNDAY..."RELIEF"...
I took a test a little over a week ago to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Since then...I have checked the mail EVERYDAY...looking for my results. People kept calling and emailing to ask if I passed. I was terrified that I would fail and that everyone would think I was a stupid loser. Finally...I got my test results that I have been nervously anticipating on Saturday afternoon. I'm not a go in and get a letter opener kinda person. I'm a rip it open on the way in the house person. NOT yesterday...I held the large envelope in my hands and stared at it on the curb until the reflection of the sun on the white envelope started to blind me. I was so afraid to open it. I decided that it was a large envelope which probably meant that I passed and my certificate was enclosed. I opened it up and saw "Congratulations!". I jumped up and down in my entry way and I yelled up to my kids that I passed. They don't care, but I had to audibly tell SOMEONE.

I am so relieved and a little nervous too. I'm certified to do something that I have never done before...and that's scary. I just keep trying to remind myself that deep down...I DO know this stuff...that I need to be confident in that and have faith. So, here goes nothin! I'm going to try my best to do a good not make too many mistakes...and to learn from the ones that I will inevitably make without becoming discouraged.

If I can give someone...anyone...a fraction of what I have been given...I will feel so happy and fulfilled.


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