Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 264...oN tHe oThEr SiDe...

Today, I'm resting. It's killing me, but I'm trying to rest 2 days a week now. I feel fat, but I have also been feeling REALLY burned out. My legs are not even sore, but my hips are.

So, because I'm "resting", it was odd to go in to the gym. Obviously, I didn't go in to workout. I went in to observe J training his client D. It is so interesting to be on "the other side" weird to watch someone struggle when YOU are the one used to struggling. Ever so often, I would feel myself tensing though I were doing the work. D did well. He was struggling and thought he would only do 2 of the 3 rounds, but he fought through and did all 3. YES! That's what I like to see. I was impressed because I know how hard it was for him. That was just more proof that most of our limitations are self imposed...that we can push past and do more then we thought possible.


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