Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day Achilles heel...

I thought that my ABS were my Achilles heel, but today I found a new triceps. I have felt for sometime now that my triceps were weak. I haven't gotten them back post surgery. I do exercises here and there, but no improvement. It wasn't until today that I learned just how weak they really are. It was borderline embarrassing!

I had a GREAT training session today. I brought my medicine ball and did medicine ball slams. Then, J and I threw it to each other in different ways for 10 minutes. I did jumping pullups with a slow 3 count on the down. I did jumping lunge skater things. This showed him how uncoordinated I am...I couldn't hide it forever! Then we did weights. I went to do some tricep work...granted it was an exercise I had never done, but I couldn't press even 15# forward...especially on my right arm. I think J and I BOTH were surprised by this sad discovery. He's gonna whip me into shape though. I know it. For cardio, I did 20 min on the elliptical...then 15 minutes on the upright bike (hills program)...then 10 min of fast walking on the treadmill at the highest incline. I had to mix it up, because I was feeling bored and indecisive.

Today wasn't super hard, but I WAS challenged. It was a perfect mix of varying exercises and also a happy medium between being hard enough but not too hard. All in all....talking...working out...cardio...and stretching, I was in the gym for right at 2 hours. I really enjoyed today.

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