Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 88...hUmbLeD...

Today I was sufficiently humbled. I thought I was tough...that I knew better...more. I was wrong. I was taken to school. I did horrible mountain climbers bringing my knees all the way up to my elbows for 2 minutes without stopping...I did hamstring curls until I had to struggle with everything I had to bring the bar ALMOST all the way up...I did diamond pushups...flutterkicks...and much more until I had a splitting headache and didn't think I could move another inch. It was hard and a little frustrating, but it was great. It was just what I needed. I had gotten a little "too big for my britches"...a little too cocky. I wasn't submitting and allowing myself to be coached. That ended today. My workout was awesome. It reminded me that there is always room for improvement...always goals to work towards. My new trainer, J did a great job today. He put me in my place...and I LOVED it!

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