Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 82...first day with a new trainer...

Well, I did it...I made the call...I kept the appointment. I worked out with a new trainer today. I honestly thought this day would never come. I guess in all reality I KNEW it would...I just secretly hoped it wouldn't. I hoped my friend would return...that he would go serve and return...that he would WANT to train me as much as I want him to train me...but he says he won't be back. He says if he does come back...he won't train. I understand and I am okay. Sooooo, what's a girl to do??? This girl is starting fresh...starting again. I still treasure the time I had and eventhough he's done training me...W is still my friend. It's just that I can't live in the past anymore...I can't live my life in limbo...I can't wait for something that will never come. Relationships change; evolve...it can be a good thing if we "roll" with it and embrace the change. I'm not good at the whole changing..."rolling" thing, but I'm working hard at it. This was the first big step I needed to take.

I got to the gym a little anxious. "Will he think I'm a clutzy weirdo?" "What if I can't do what he tells me to do?" "Will I like him?" "Will it be weird or uncomfortable?" These were my thoughts as I drove to the gym. It was none of that. It was good...fun...not at all uncomfortable. Sure it was different, but it was more familiar than I expected. This new trainer, J, had BIG shoes to fill and he did alright. I'm not sure that he knows how to test body fat...actually, I'm sure he does, but their equipment was messed up and I think it was making him nervous...but the rest of the session was good.

At first, I wasn't sure if it would be hard enough...and along the way, I would say..."I need a heavier or lighter weight...or I think I can go a minute instead of 30 sec...or I think I can do a pushup in the middle...etc." But, those times were really few and far between. I did some interesting stuff and some stuff that I was scared to do...like box jumps on the tallest platform. I was definitely sweating and breathing heavy. By the time we struggled to test my body fat...worked out...and talked about scheduling...we had been there 2 hours! When I got to the crosstrainer for cardio, and started to propel myself forward, I felt the first twinge. My biceps...lower back...even my QUADS (whoa!)...felt tired and were beginning to feel sore. I don't get sore much anymore, so that was a welcomed feeling. That's how I know I worked hard. It was tough today...much TOUGHER than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised. Today was good...like old times...but with a new person. I still miss W, but this was a nice change. It was different, but still good.

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