Friday, December 7, 2007

Day 85...gEttiNg bAcK iN tHe rINg...

Today was my first official day as a paying customer with a new personal trainer. It's so ridiculous how strange and hard this has been to move let go...stop clinging so tightly to what I had. Like I've said before...I don't JUST let people takes time and work to get into my proverbial "circle of trust"...but once you're in...I'm attached and then I don't want the circle to be broken. Sometimes this is more true with certain people than with others. I am reminding myself that letting go does NOT mean forgetting or being's not an's a change...and change is good if you let it be.

It's fun to throw balls...have someone to "spot" me...go outside and run behind the building. I just love working out...sweating...pushing. I feel happy and free. I feel like I am accomplishing something. So, I can't really list what we did like I normally do, but I'll do my best to describe it...First, I did a circuit with 20 JUMPING PULLUPS with a pause at the top, 12 DIPS not on a bench but hanging from the machine I do the pullups on, 15 PUSHUPS with my hands on the foot pads of that same machine and my feet up on a "Swiss Ball" as W calls me, it's just "THE BALL", then I did 10 STAR JUMPS holding 2.5 lb plates in each hand...starting in a squat position close to floor...then jumping almost in a jumping jack form you explode up and bring your legs apart and your hands together, last on this circuit was 30 VARIATIONS OF A RENEGADE ROW. In a pushup position grasping two 5# weights, you bring arms straight out (one at a time) and reach with the weight towards the ceiling looking towards the weight and then back down...alternating arms at a quick pace. We did this 3 X and in between each set, we went out to the parking lot and ran around. First time was around the building backwards and forwards. Second time was zig zagging up and down this grassy hill by the parking lot. Third time was throwing a 10# MEDICINE BALL up and get it...throw again and then throwing the medicine ball to each other...throw, catch, squat (goblet squat style) and throw back to partner. That last time we layed in the parking lot and did some ISOMETRIC HOLDS in a pushup position...halfway down...all the way sucked...which is GOOD! Then we did a bunch of horrible ABS work... (My Achilles heel!)...stuff like flutter kicks etc...all the stuff I hate but I NEED. Then, we went inside for 20 SITUPS on the incline bench (SET UP ALL THE WAY UP!) with him throwing me a 15# MEDICINE BALL at the top, me going down holding it close to my chest and coming back up and throwing it back to him. When my workout was over, I did 35 minutes of CARDIO on the ELLIPTICAL, stretched and went home. I was there for over 2 hours including time not spent with my trainer, but there was a lot of time spent talking and paying etc so it's hard to judge time.

I had a great time. I was pushed and I sweat like crazy. I enjoyed mixing things up, but it is still a familiar style of working out so that's comforting I guess. I'm glad I decided to stop looking at yesterday and move towards tomorrow...I'm glad that I found the courage to step back in the ring.

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