Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 77...another workout...another day in heels...another shot in the foot...

I have another appointment with the foot doctor. I have to say I'm a little sick of being shot in the foot. But on a positive note...I can at least wear high heels again. It hurts pretty bad after a while, but at least it's not like the end of the summer when I could only stand thick, cushy flip flops...and even those hurt at the end of the day. I just hope when it's all said and foot stops hurting.

I'm really tired...physically and mentally. I didn't go to sleep until almost 3AM. I had alot on my mind. I hope I do okay at the gym...I guess we'll see. I went to the gym in a always when I have an appt. I feel so tired. I think my body is forcing me to slow down...I dunno...but I was lacking desire today...and it's hard to work out like I do with no desire. I just warmed up with 2 min of jump roping and 2 min of jumping jacks. Then I did 150 SQUATS, some random weights (TRICEP PULLDOWN...BICEP CURLS...SEATED ROWS...LEG PRESS....)...that's all that comes to mind at the moment. I barely got any cardio in because I talked to William for about 10 min. He used to train with W. He's is such a genuinely nice person. I really like him, so the interruption didn't bother me. I wanted to do more...but I did what I could...and was still late for my Dr appt...AGAIN!

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