Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 62...i rAn...

Today I didn't go to the gym. Today I ran outside. The experience was satisfying in every way...poetic even. All my senses were aroused, and it was almost as if someone else was reading me a poem...with my I ran. I was intrigued and I listened and I tried my best to memorize the words I heard...eventhough music filled my ears. As I made my way down that path, listening, these are the words I heard in my head...

"Today I run on a familiar path...

I gasp for air to fill my lungs, and I smell.
I smell autumn.
I smell grass.
I smell dirt...the earth beside the path I'm on.

My body propels itself forward, and I feel.
I feel the wind moving my hair.
I feel my hips...rotating...aching...pushing me further.
I feel my muscles...tense and strong.
I feel the anticipation that comes with the effort it takes to move forward.

I raise my eyes towards the sky, and I see.
I see the leaves falling like rain.
I see
I see an elderly couple walking hand in hand.
I see the sun trying to find it's way through the trees that shade this trail.

My feet pound the pavement...again and again...and I hear.
I hear the sound of my breath...moving in and and loud.
I hear the sound of the leaves dancing in circles as the wind tosses them they scratch the concrete.
I hear the crackle of the dry leaves as my feet crush them and break them into tiny pieces.

I relax and enjoy my surroundings, and then I remember and I taste.
I remember the laughter.
I remember when the leaves were green and the air was still and hot.
I remember a time when I wasn't alone.
I taste the bitter flavor of my lonliness.
I taste the chill of the sadness that follows.
I relish the sweet taste of my memories.
I savor the taste of peace...of gratitude."

WEEK 9 / DAY 3

My run was great...the trail looked just like this picture...and I loved it.

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s said...

I LOVE the poem. It's so funny that each of us have different, but similar experiences while running. I remember, when I ran daily, my mind would almost go through these lists. Lists of what I needed to do, lists of what I had accomplished, lists of what I needed to say, lists of what I said, what was said to me. Running has a way of clearing your mind. I think it's so cool that your mind does poetry. Of course, you are so artistic and talented. Anyhoo, the poem was beautiful. And just like Forest says to Jenny, W was there with you because he was so close in your thoughts and feelings. Hold tight to that, lady. Good job, s