Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 161...i miss it...

I miss worrying that I will be late to meet my trainer...everyday that we are supposed to meet. I miss the fear that I feel before an especially challenging workout. I miss the feeling of my body trembling...trying to hang on for 10 more seconds. I miss falling to floor...losing my strength...because my trainer is making me laugh. I miss the frustration and defeat...the days I am humbled...the days that make me better next time. I miss the excitement of going faster or longer or harder than I thought I could go. I miss the feeling of accomplishment. I miss limping to my car...slowly...with nothing left...knowing I gave it all I had. I miss the relaxation of a long stretch after a brutal workout. I miss being drenched in sweat...of seeing an outward sign of how hard I really worked. I miss those great runs...the ones where I feel like I could run forever and never get tired. I miss the comfort of knowing that someone is waiting for me. I miss the feeling of complete control...the ability to "live in the pain" appreciate and use it to propel me further.

Today...I really miss working out.

"What you know does not matter - what you do matters. Physical training produces physical memories - not simply muscle memory but a psychophysical imprint, knowledge that is instinctual rather than intellectual."
----------------MARK TWIGHT-"GYM JONES" website---------------------


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s said...

hey lady. i know you miss working out and you will be back soon. just keep telling yourself. . . you will look back on this and be so glad you took the time off because in the end it will be worth it. you are truly an inspiration to me. i don 't know what i would do without you. you are special, please believe me when i say i think you have a lot of special gifts even though the bad stuff is easier to believe. thanks pretty woman. love u, s