Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 151...a HAPPY ending...

My emotions have gone from one extreme to the other. I've been up and down and all around. I'm just so glad that after everything I've felt...today was happy.

I came to the gym feeling calm and resolved. I didn't want my last time there for a while to be emotional or sad. I wanted to leave on a high note...happy. J had some good circuits both inside and out, and we had fun. Today felt...easy...not easy as in a difficulty of exercise level...but easy as in relaxed. I felt slow and tired and not so strong, but I still loved it.

So, it's sad to think that I won't be in the gym for at least 3 weeks...sad to think that it will be quite a bit longer before I can workout at "full speed"...sad to think that I won't see or talk to the people at the gym, especially J, my trainer. On the other hand, I am finally on the road. The day has finally come and I don't have to anticipate any longer. Today I got the "happy ending" that I was hoping for.

15-10 of
Thrusters 45lb
Pull ups
Kb Swing 35lb
Time 4:34

25 Wall Ball 12lb
25 Sledge hits
10 Tire flips
25 KB swing 35lb
3 Rounds

10 Box jumps 22in
10 Pull ups
10 Ring push ups
3 Rounds

15 min uphill, fast walking on treadmill
15 minute recumbent bike
20 min elliptical

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