Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 150...I did it!...We did it!...

Okay, so I was nervous about today's workout. I've been so bummed about having to take time off from working out and so scared about the outcome of my upcoming surgery that I've had a hard time focusing. My trainer encouraged me to "come happy and motivated". So as hard as it was...I decided that that was what I would do...and I did.

I got to the gym and one of the other trainers, R, informed me that he was taking my body heart sank. I was afraid that if I measured high, I would go to pieces. I tried to just smile my way through, but I was freaked out that J and R would think that I am fat when it was time to pinch my belly fat. I was dying on the inside, but I remained calm. Then they came over and told me my number. 13.3% !!!!! What?!? I didn't even barely react because I was so shocked. Plus, I was thinking that it's a bittersweet accomplishment because I've worked so hard for so long to get back down to this number...and now...I'm taking off...again. My sister reminded me that I shouldn't be worried, but that I should be happy to know that I can always get what I lose back. Ahhh, there's that "glass half full" thing again.

We went to the back room to workout and J says, "Okay, do the rope." I went and assumed the "position" (sitting on the floor, ready to pull myself to my feet). J says, "No. Climb the rope." Now, I was freaking out internally again. I'm thinking...why is he doing this?...he knows I can't get up that rope...but I had promised myself that I wasn't going to be depressed or difficult today...remember "happy and motivated". So, I went over hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I grabbed the rope...took a deep breath...and then...I did it! I didn't ring the bell on the ceiling, but I got to the top knot...THREE TIMES!!! Yea me!...for finally doing it. Yea J!...for not giving up on me. The workout that followed was really hard, but it was really fun. J got me good. My arms were KILLING me when we were done. I was so a good way.

Today was so much better than I thought it would be. I sweat and I struggled. I worried and I had fun. I didn't fail like I thought I would. I was successful...more than once. I was successful because I work hard. I was successful because I tried when I didn't want to. I was successful because J didn't give up on me. He MADE me keep doing it...even though I failed...and he didn't stop until I was successful. We are a team. Today, my success was his success too. And, THAT my friends is why I NEED a trainer.

Today recharged me. Today gave me hope. Today made me happy.

Rope climb
Drive H20 man back and forth
30 Dead lifts 65lb
20 "8 counts"
40 Bicep curls 30lb
20 Sit up w/15lb press
40 Close grip tricep press 40lb
Elliptical 1-2-1


25 min Elliptical (cross trainer prog/resistance-12)

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