Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 156...IT'S THE little THINGS...

"We do not care of what we have, but we cry when it is lost."
---------------------------- Russian proverb---------------------------

There are things that we all do everyday. They are the most basic skills...the ones we all learn as children. They do not require thought. We get up...we walk around...we brush our teeth...put on shoes. These things are...automatic in a sense. We hardly remember doing them at the end of the least I don't...and I certainly never think of these things when I stop to "count my blessings" least I didn't before now.

I take pride in the fact that I can take care of myself...that I am strong. It's hard for me to let other people help me. It's almost embarrassing. Over the last few days, I have HAD to rely on other people to do the simplest of tasks. After surgery, I was drugged, weak, and in as to what I could do. I've needed help to get go to the eat and get dressed...all those everyday, easy, automatic things I normally do everyday...on my own.

These last few days have been hard for me, but this unpleasant as it has been at times...has made me stop and appreciate the little everyday things. I know that in I grow stronger and become independent once again...I will probably forget. But for today...I will take a moment to stop and appreciate the little things.


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