Saturday, February 9, 2008

Days 147 & uNeXPeCteD end...

I went to a MAVERICKS basketball game last night, so I didn't get the time to post anything yesterday. I decided that I would just put both days

Day 147...Friday

I was worried about working out because I was so sore. J had said we were working out together, so I didn't know if I could keep up with him because my hip was hurting so bad. I got there 5 minutes late and hurried in to "warm up"...rushing and stressed out. I was worried that I would mess up his schedule being late, but he ended up being 20 minutes late himself, so it didn't matter. He was in alot of pain with his foot so he did not workout, but he led me through a circuit. It was mostly upper body, so I was just fine. I was not in pain which was a relief. All in all, it wasn't the most exciting day of my life, but it was good.

20 single arm kb swings 12 kg
20 push press 65lb
20 inverted rows
30 back ext 10lb
25 leg lifts
25 wall ball shots 12lb




DAY 148...Today

I came in excited to workout. Saturdays are usually really fun. J had me do a circuit inside and flip the tire outside. It went pretty well...but it felt...different. I didn't leave on my usual Saturday "high" it was a little...unexpected.

Emotionally...I'm pretty tired and pretty fragile and sensitive. This upcoming surgery is having a big effect on me. I try to keep smiling and moving forward...I try to laugh when I want to cry...but it is alot of work to act like everything is great...especially when it's for the benefit of others. I'm always there to pick up the pieces and listen when everyone else is hurting or needs help, but I never feel like I am worthy of the same. I feel like a burden. I'm proud that I am strong, but sometimes it's hard and lonely.

I'm going out tonight with my best little sister. SHE is always there and she is always gentle with my heart. I am so lucky to have her. I hope that it will lift my spirits...I'm sure it will.

This was my last FULL week to workout before I take off. It started big and ended a little differently than I had thought it would. I hope Monday and Tuesday go well next week. I'm nervous because my emotions will only get more fragile the closer I get to Wednesday. I want to "go out" happy next week. I guess time will tell.

push water man down and back
Thrusters 45lb BB 1st round 1min/2nd round 25
25Froggies 1st round/ star jumps 2nd round
3 Rope Pulls

move outside
12 tire flips/20 jumps/12 tire flips

move inside
1min Single arm KB swing 12kg/ 2nd round 20
Leg Lifts 1min/round 2- 25
Dead Lifts 1min/ 2nd round 20

2 ROUNDS (1st round=1min 2nd round = reps)


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