Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 159...bOrEd and lOnEly...

I'm feeling alot better...and consequently I'm in MUCH better spirits. I'm NOT depressed or crying...but...I AM bored and lonely. I've read 2 books, napped, watched tons of movies and T.V., and surfed the internet endlessly. I'm not usually a person that NEEDS to be around a bunch of people all the time...I like my "alone" time...but I am lonely...really lonely. I want to call my friends, but I worry that I will have nothing to I don't. I'm hoping that my swelling will continue to go down and I will continue to improve so that I can start to get out again...and occupy the land of the living!

Well, as always...right when I was feeling especially lonely...right when I needed friend, W, called and we talked for almost an hour. It was fun. Then, J texted and made me laugh...okay okay! I'm not totally alone! It just seemed that way this morning. I just feel like I do so much "whining" these days, that I should take the time to share the good moments too. Yea!

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