Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 144.."do I O-FFEND?!?"...

Okay, so this title is only funny if you've seen "Pretty in Pink" and you hear it being said the way Ducky says it in the movie. I'll be honest. I wasn't sure I was liking Tuesday evening workouts. I'm tired at night...J has had a long day in school...it just never seems like it easily flows because I've always felt like I was behind...or making J run late. J told me last week that Tuesdays would be "easier...toning" days. I came prepared for easy. I left wondering what the hell just happened to me...completely embarrassed...and totally shocked by my condition.

It was a great workout...really fast and hard. The only problem that I had was that half way through, I was so self conscious that it was hard to concentrate and even harder to look at my own reflection in the mirror. I was sweating so profusely. It was unbelievable! I work hard at the gym...I'm the self proclaimed "sweatiest girl in the gym". I always sweat...ALOT!...but tonight was a whole new realm of sweatiness. Sweat droplets were flying off me! My shirt was drenched. My pants literally looked like I had peed in them...oh, and there was the added bonus of "sweaty knee" wetness on the front of my pants. The WORST was when I realized that I had wet underarms!!! I use deodorant! I swear that I have NEVER had wet pits...ever...in my entire life! I wanted to crawl in a hole. I always worry that people in the gym think I'm a "boy"...and after tonight...I'm sure J thinks that I am a "disgusting boy" for real. He had to be grossed out! I'm sure I was offensive to everyone around me. I was glad to leave...not because I didn't have a great workout...or because I wanted to get away from J...I just wanted to end the incredible humiliation I was feeling. My husband tried to console me at home afterwards by saying that guys think it's hot when they see a woman that is all sweaty at the gym. I didn't believe him, but I thought it was sweet of him to try and make me feel better.

Soooo....this Tuesday was harsh! I really liked the workout. I really hated the sweaty embarrassment. I worked so hard that I've had a nauseous stomach and a headache ever since I left. As I told J after I left, tonight I feel like I "dined in hell" and it was great in a really horrible kind of way!

4 min elliptical

15 Tricep press down 40lb-50lb
10 Burpees
15 Bicep Curls 35lb bar
Elliptical 30sec-1hard-30cool

15 Hovering lat rows
10 "8 count body builders"
Elliptical 30easy-1hard-30cool
3 sets

50 back ext 15lb
50 leg lifts
75 sit ups

CARDIO (done this morning)
50 min Elliptical
10 min bike

extras this A.M.-I decided that I would do a few "toning" exercises that J and I don't ever do- 50 Overhead Lunges holding an 18 lb bar, Bicep curls (50 with 25 lb bar...25 with 35 lb bar...20 with 35 lb bar), 15 "Skull Crushers" with 2 12lb DBs - 3 sets,15 ea arm- "Heisman" forward press in deep lunge position with cable 30lbs

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