Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Days 520...521...pLaYiN cAtCh uP...

I missed yesterday and I had actually almost forgotten to post today!  I guess I need to play "catch up" here.  

DAY 520...

My 7 yr old was home sick...running a fever yesterday...so I couldn't go to the gym in the morning.  By the time my nanny got here yesterday afternoon...I didn't have enough time to workout and take a shower before I had to take him to the doc at 5PM.

I decided to take a run...a hard run...so I threw on shorts and headed for the highway.  It was a tricky run yesterday because I always run on the shoulder facing traffic...but there were a line of 10 wheelers (probably 5) parked in the shoulder at one point so I had to run on the very uneven ground next to the shoulder.  I am used to weird men honking or waving (confused face) so it doesn't phase me, but it was a little different this time.  There were 2 guys in their mid 20s I guess (hard to get a good look at people driving 65 miles an hour) that were waving and screamin "Wooooo!"  I thought..."What LAMOS!" and kept running.  a few minutes later the SAME guys passed again...waving...and "Wooooo"ing.  Okay...that's weird.  They passed a third time and I thought, "Don't these idiots have anything better to do?"  I mean REALLY...I didn't look THAT good!  It takes effort to drive past, turn around and start going the opposite way!  Luckily I was finally ready to cut across and didn't have to worry about them anymore.  Once I crossed the highway (I know...sounds crazy), I didn't have to contend with any crazy fools or parked 18 wheelers..but I did have to contend with a long steep hill and the wind blowing against me...pretty hard.  Not fun.  My hips were sore when I got home and I was a bit disappointed that I never made it to the gym, but I was glad that I still did SOMETHING.


DAY 521...

So, now I have 2 kids home from school sick!  Luckily my nanny was able to come in early because I needed to teach a class at the gym at 8:30AM and I also had a hair appt...that I really needed!  I covered class and then got ready to do the workout that I had planned to do yesterday...the same one the class did.  I was nervous because I had already watched 2 people "suffer" through it...I knew what I was "in for".  L, the lady I use to train one on one now attends classes.  She offered to stay and keep my time.  I always feel pressure to be fast and strong and perfect in front of everyone at the gym.  I wasn't any of those things, but I worked hard and finished pretty quickly.  It was nice to get back in there today...even if my back is now killin me!

RUN 800M

ROW 500M
21 PUSH PRESS (75 lbs)
ROW 500M
18 PUSH PRESS (75 lbs)
ROW 500M
15 PUSH PRESS (75 lbs)
ROW 500M
12 PUSH PRESS (75 lbs)

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