Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 508...gEt tHoSe D*** eLbOwS UP!!!!...

Today was my second day back on "Starting Strength". The lifts today were Back Squat, Bench Press, and Power Clean. I am still just feeling...well it's hard to describe...unmotivated...unexcited...frustrated. The only thing is...I felt the exact same way the first time I started this program and it got better and better as the weeks I feel confident that these feelings will pass in time.

It's hard to have been taught by KNOW what you need to do...and then do it wrong. I was fine on the Squats...and my Bench Pressing form is fine, but I NEVER have anyone there to "spot" me so I WASTE a TON of energy trying to remove the bar from the rack. I feel frustrated with the fact that I can't train as hard, because I'm alone. In fact today I was glad that I remembered Mark Rippetoe's advice. He said when you are benching alone, you should NOT use "collars" because if you get into trouble and can't get the bar up, you can "dump the weight". I had to do that one time. I couldn't complete the bench press and the weigh was resting on me. I simply tilted the bar and the bumpers slid off. As far as the Power Clean goes...frustrated does not begin to cover it. Everytime...I "curl" the bar up rather than popping my elbows up and catching the bar in a "rack position". I tell myself over and over and over again..."GET THOSE ELBOWS UP!!!!" and STILL...I hang on to that bar. Today was not fun, but I finished anyway.

45 LBS X 10 (warmup)
65 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
115 LBS X 5
125 LBS X 5
127.2 LBS X 5 X 3

45 LBS X 10 (warmup)
65 LBS X 5
85 LBS X 5
90 LBS X 5
92.2 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5 X 3

75 LBS X 3
85 LBS X 3
90 LBS X 3
95 LBS X 3
97.2 LBS X 3 X 5


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