Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 498...fiRsTs...

There are many firsts in life.  We experience most of them as children or young adults.  I am neither a child nor a young adult, but I've had a few "firsts" myself lately.  I did my first handstand against a wall a few days ago and not so long ago, I did my first dead hang pull up.  That was exciting after trying for almost 2 YEARS.  I didn't get much of a response after my pull up from those that were whoopin or hollerin.  I sent my best guy first trainer, email to share the news.  I didn't hear back right away, but I didn't expect to because he and his wife work as missionaries in Montana so they are busy.

He did sent me an email a couple of days ago and then...I got a great response...not any whoopin or hollerin...but something better.  He said, "Congratulations on the dead hang pull-up! That's awesome. I wish I could have seen that in person. Oh well, I got to see many other firsts for you."  W did indeed see many firsts with me...he was a part of them...he helped make them happen.  

When I met him...I didn't want a trainer.  I saw no benefit in hiring a trainer.  After a free session with him that I felt had been forced on me...I changed my mind.  I worked with him for over a year and he became one of the best friends I have ever had.  Still...when I have an accomplishment...I want to share it with HIM...because I know he will appreciate it.  When I need advice...he never steers me wrong.  He taught me many things...some expected...many unexpected.

W showed me that you are never too old or slow or uncoordinated to be an "athlete".  I realized during my time with him that everyone has an inner athlete and that if you don't give up...if you are not can accomplish things you never thought possible.  It's never too late to have "firsts".  I did my first dead hang pull up and my first handstand against a wall at 39 years old.

So, as I approach Monday...I'm trying to remind myself that I'm facing a new week, full of opportunity for more firsts.  Now that I've got the handstands against the wall...I need to work on my first handstand push up.  It's never too late to have a "first"!


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