Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 3...a true day of rest

Today is Sunday. The one day that I never matter what. For me, it is the Sabbath. It is always truly a day of rest and renewal...both physically and spiritually. I approach tomorrow...the first day of following the workouts provided to me by my trainer that is now gone...with some fear and trepidation. It's been so long since I worked out alone...other than on Saturdays, where it's just a free for all, do whatever I want day.

The fear comes from inexperience. Sounds crazy, but for a year, I have never set up a weight or thought about anything...I haven't even counted my own reps. I have relied on someone else to take care of that. He taught. Now comes the test to see what I've learned. The trepidation comes from the anticipation of how I will feel...emotionally...alone...without someone to encourage and push me. It comes from apprehension. Apprehension over whether or not I can go as hard or as long when I'm alone...when I'm not accountable in person to anyone but myself. I guess soon I'll know...I'll know tomorrow if I really am what I profess to be...what I want to be...someone that gives all I have and then some...someone that endures and respects the pain...someone that can accomplish what others cannot, because they will not. I have to do my best and overcome my fear and embarrassment, if not for me...for my teacher.


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