Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 12...STRONGER...

As I do every evening before bed, I looked at what fun and exciting things I would be doing the following morning (today) at the gym. Oh boy! It's a hundreds day...100 of this 100 of that...overhead lunges...pushups...uh oh. I see inverted rows...and start to panic. I can't remember how to do them...or even what they are. Hmmmm....is it leaning over and pulling back?...no...those are just rows (i think)...Is it pushup position and pulling back...no...that's renegade rows (i think). I've allowed myself to just plod along and do what my trainer told me to. I didn't mean to...it just happened. I compare it to being a passenger in a car. The driver will remember how to get to the location, because they drive so they have to pay attention...while the passenger rides along and enjoys getting there without having to think...chances are they won't know how to get there themselves unless they get a map. I e-mailed my friend. It's so silly. I knew he was in classes until late. I knew he wouldn't check it before I had to go this morning...and I knew that even if he did, he wouldn't have time to explain it. He's got much more important things to do now than help me with something as silly as "inverted rows". I think it was instinct to go to him...I didn't even expect an answer, but I did it anyway...only to feel like an idiot afterwards. I looked it up online and it all came back. Something else came along as well...NERVES! Immediately I start with the nervous panic. I don't know how to adjust the Smith machine...rack thingy...whatever it's called. And then it came to me...the thought...the words left in a previous comment..."don't worry about what they think... don't let your pride get the best of you..."...like a ghost haunting me...helping me. Alright already! So, I'm about to leave... to do my hundreds of exercises...to swallow my pride and try to do so without choking as it's rather large...and to ask (UGH) for help.... Here goes nothin!

(5min warmup elliptical)

(5 min stretch)


GEEZ! That was tough. It pushed me hard. I just had to turn up the ipod and blast Kanye-"Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, STRONGER!" It know the song hasn't got a thing to do with workin out, but it helped me keep goin. I figured out how to adjust the bar down for inverted rows, but we always did it on the other rack (the one W almost broke trying to adjust one day cuz it's a pain in butt) and I had a hard time getting in the right spot...right height...whatever it kicked my butt...HARD! Then I struggled through hills with lots of resistance on the recumbent bike. I also got the pleasure of Mr. C's company...talking...and talking...and talking. He was checking on my hurt foot...yeah right! I gotta quit wearing makeup and making eye contact. I don't know how the conversation led to this madness, but at one point he showed me that he doesn't have any hair on his chest. I did mention that he SHOWED me!?! EWWW...thanks for sharing...NOT! There is a God...and He was lookin out for me...Mr. C finally got paged up to the desk. Today I feel good...like I really had to work to finish. My legs rarely hurt, but they were begging for mercy after 200 lunges and the bike...oh and did I mention how sore I am from all those squats yesterday???!!! As I limped...literally...back to stretch I thought, "Woah...glad tomorrow I get to do some goblet squats...yea!" Actually though...all kidding aside... I AM glad...glad to be alive...fit...and "harder, better, faster, STRONGER"!

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s said...

O nasty Mr. C! That was an overshare for sure! I love that kanye cd, lad. I will burn it for you. It's true. It's not for working out but has greatness when working out. You are tough and strong and the BEST! You worry too much. I can't believe you don't have an ulcer. Oh no, now you're going to worry you have an ulcer. JK. Love ya and I love reading your blogs. Keep it up, missy. I want you to take some classes for yourself. Even if it's pottery class, you need to do it! You would kill any English class with your writing talents. Next semester, you had better be signed up for at least 1 class. DO IT, DO IT NOW! heehee! s