Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 13...quickie...

Not much exciting or crazy news to report life changing epiphanies or sexy encounters with Mr. C (sorry...being facetious with that last part). My workout was very short today. It only took me 10 minutes to complete the actual workout/lifting segment. It probably would've taken 9, but I had to completely move everything I set up. I set up my 25# DB and a 50 # bar for the deadlifts (wasn't a specific amount listed). I moved a bench and had it all set up by the mirrors in the free weights area. I do that so I can watch myself in the mirror and make sure my back stays neutral on the deadlifts. Noone was over there. As soon as I did that, I swear, this crazy trainer lady made a bee line over there, grabbed a bunch of weights, set them up right on top of mine (not exagerrating) and told her client, "You just stand right here. We're gonna do this right here." I was so shocked and so pissed. I looked at aging walking stick with 2 fake D boobs...grabbed my stuff with a complete look and sense of shock and said, "Uhhhh...Don't worry. I'll move." She said, "OK." What the hell? What did I do to her? In fact me and W ought to get commission off all her training since she watches my every move and then proceeds to copy my exact routine on the next client that she trains!...and allows them to do so with crazy bad form! Why do women have to be such mean haters? doesn't matter. I just blew it off, moved to a new locale, and got on with it. I am very sore and my knees are killing me, especially my right knee that always gives me trouble, but that won't stop me...never has...never will. I'm not sure if it's moxie or stupidity...either gets the job done. ;)


(5 min warm up elliptical)
15 X DB SWING 25#
conversion to...
15 X RDL (no weight specified-I used 50 #)
(I wasn't sure if I was to do all 3 exercises together 3 X or the swing and squat 3 x, then deadlifts 3X separate...I did it all together 3X.) 10 MIN TOTAL

ELLIPTICAL (no hands) 45 MIN

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