Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 10...restoration...

Another week is gone and I'm back to the start of a new one. I'm going to try to be more in control of my feelings this's just the weirdest thing...for a couple of days now, I've had this feeling that something is going to happen...not to me, but to someone I care about. I don't know if it's bad, but I feel like I'm "on call" for an emergency waiting to happen. That's probably why it's 3AM and I'm still awake. It's so weird...I've never had this happen before. I must've finally "lost it" for real this time. I hope it's just stress playing tricks on my mind.

Today is my day of rest. Sunday is not only the day that I rest physically from my workouts, but it's also the day that I try to restore myself spiritually and prepare for the coming week. I go to church to learn more of Christ, to teach his gospel, and to reflect upon my week and what I can do better the next week. It's a time each week that I can renew my faith and decide again to be a good person and be an example to those around me. I'm so far from perfect, but deep down I WANT to do what's right. I have many vices, but still I keep going...keep trying to be better. I'm so thankful that I was raised to believe and to commit to truly living the gospel of Jesus Christ...not just when I want...or when it's convenient or easy...but all the time.

Today, I will consciously strive to rest my body and restore my spirit. Tomorrow, I will consciously strive to be a better person in every way.


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