Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 558...aPRiL FooL's?...

I've been on antibiotics since Saturday.  Yesterday was awful...the peak...but today I feel like I've turned a corner and I'm headin back towards good health...FINALLY.  I taught the 6AM class and then went back up to workout myself.  P joined me.  

I wasn't too worried because it seemed very "LEG" oriented.  The problem was that J had put "braced" squats in there.  I've never done these, but it's basically holding a weight out in front of yourself with locked arms and then squatting.  It was very difficult to hold any significant amount of weight like that.

It was tough and I grunted and groaned louder than normal, but in the end...not a single person finished faster than me.  Everyone worked hard, but one was in the same shape I was in when they were done.  I was struggling to breath...making noises I've never heard myself make.  I wondered if this heinous workout was really an April Fool's Day "joke"!  It WAS really hard...but I AM proud of the effort that I put in today.

25 "BRACED SQUATS" (holding 10 lb plate)
400 M RUN

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